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Future Drivers of America

Road Tests still only $100*

* existing students

Welcome to the Innovation Academy Charter School Page

This page is designed with special content for students that attend IACS.

Future Drivers of America is proud to partner with your school.

Classes are held several times throughout the year at your High School.

Classes are held mainly on Early Release Wednesdays from 12:30 - 4:30pm Class Schedules are available in the Main Office.

You have two ways that you can enroll in any of our classes at IACS;

"Pay-as-you-go" or "Pre-paid"

Prices are the same either way, and reflect our lowest prices.

The total cost of our program using this option is $600. (normally $675)

- 30-Hours of Classroom: $100 (due first day of class)

- 12-Hours of Road Lessons; (8) 90-Minute Lessons at $60 each (paid as you take them)

- 6-Hours of Observation Time; No-Charge, included in Road Lesson Portion

- 2-Hour Parent Class; No-Charge, included with either the Classroom or Road Lesson Portion

- Driver Ed Certificate Fee: $20, paid at any point prior to completion of last road lesson.

Total: $600

Whichever way you decide to enroll, it's easy to do on-line 24/7

In order to register for any of our classes held at your school, or our office in North Chelmsford, please click here to complete the On-line Registration Form


Send a detailed Text to 978-590-8878